Live life without mind-made borders
and shift from limited to limitless
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Feeling stuck in life?

You want to move on with your life but it just doesn't happen.

It feels like you're bouncing off some invisible wall and you just can't move forward.

You have dreams, you have aspirations, you want to live with purpose-
but it just... isn't happening. 

The more you try- the more resistance there is.  And you've tried MANY things.

You are confused, overwhelmed, a little numb, and losing hope. 

"What keeps holding me back?"

→ You feel like there is something off or wrong about you, or that you're just not good enough to get what you want 
→ You feel as if your spark is missing, feeling a lack of drive and purpose

→ Your self-esteem is low and your negative self-talk is intense

→   You feel overwhelmed and are procrastinating taking the steps towards what you want

→ You are increasingly more doubtful and critical towards yourself 

→ You struggle to come to peace with things from your past 

If any of the above are familiar to you, that's okay.  
But know they don't need to be your normal...

Hi, I'm Rima

and I work with ambitious women to unlock their potential, drive, and confidence and show up more powerful and peaceful in their lives.

By using HypnoCoaching, I guide women who want to attain greater fulfillment in their lives by peeling off any limiting beliefs or views, rebuilding their confidence, clarifying goals, eliminating emotional pain, and transforming their negative self-talk. 

All that by using science and the fine instrument that is-

our mind.

If it was everything down to strategies and practices

don't you think everyone would've made it already living their dream life? 

Most people tried to be more perseverant, to have the right attitude, adjust a few processes and habits, and change their mindset overall to get what they want. Because that's the go-to advice everyone gives us. 

Yet, why is it that so many people still feel stuck? 


People achieve a place of being stuck when there's dissonance between their inner and outer world. That includes chemical, biological, mental, and emotional processes.  

To truly transform, one needs to rewire new beliefs, release emotional blockages, release internal conflicts, reframe their narrative of the world, and peel off everything they are not before they can enjoy who they are. 

Life and Mindset HypnoCoaching for Women

A perfect blend of sciences with a drop of spirituality to assure you heal, transform and triumph.   

Are you ready to shed away your limitations and experience a new way of being? 

I can help you:

→ Find peace and fulfillment by connecting with your purpose and drive

→ Shed away fear and blockages making you feel stuck in your personal life and career

→ Build healthy self-esteem and feel great about yourself

→ Break through old patterns,  learn how to build new habits and gain the tools to deal with what life has to throw at you

→ Soothe anxiety and stress and build extraordinary coping skills

→ Let go of emotional pain and beliefs making you feel little and powerless

→ Shift your mindset and harness the power of your mind 

→ Feel empowered, connected, and live in alignment with yourself 

→ Understand your mind frame, what makes you up, and your narrative of the world

→ Eliminate self-doubt and rewire current negative thinking


Drive & Purpose

High Performance

Healthy Habits

Coping Skills

Re-coding your thinking

Get your ticket to becoming your most rimarkable self!

Other brave women did it, and so can you!


Elisa P.

My session with Rima was wonderful. She listened very carefully to all I had to say in the beginning and asked me very good questions.

She was calm and loving throughout the session and I felt supported and understood. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’ve been super focused, inspired, and even excited about tasks I considered dreadful from time to time. Which for me is a lot.


As a result, I feel better and really upbeat. I’m seeing positive changes in the results of my actions already. Looking forward to reaping more benefits!! Do not hesitate to book a session with her. 

Rosna M. 

My Session with Rima was great, especially because Rima gave me a sense of confidence and understanding of her work.


She helped me understand my issue on a deep level and I could feel that it instantly triggered my healing.  I enjoyed the way Rima was guiding me through the whole process.

She was very gentle and unintrusive in her approach. Rima was full of compassion and understanding however remaining professional.

I would absolutely recommend her! The session moved me on a deep level and I had many insights which opened a healing process within me.

Want to read and apply more rimarkable things into your life? 

All initial consultations and sessions are taking place by appointment. The sessions at the moment are carried online. 

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