Live life without
mind-made borders
and shift from limited to limitless
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Ambitious women all over the world have dreams and aspirations, but sometimes it feels like we're our biggest enemies in living a life we truly want.

Hi, I'm Rima

and I work with women who find themselves stuck and feel they're sabotaging their ways to success and fulfillment. Women who want to hit a hard RESET and design their life on their terms.  

Through my guidance, we do a complete scan of all areas of their lives, uncovering what's holding them back from achieving their goals and working through to rebuild a more empowered version of themselves. 

Hypnosis & Coaching allow me to support women on a profound level, offering them clarity, eliminating current unhealthy mental blocks, and deeply healing. This way they transform their lives from the inside out allowing them to design a life they truly want. 

Dear woman, 

I know what it's like to feel stuck, and not even know where to start. I also know what it feels like to want and know you could succeed in so many areas of your life and yet feel like failing. I know what it's like to feel helpless and hopeless, and wanting something so strongly, and yet to feel like "I will never get there". I also know what it feels like to be stuck on replay in some unhealthy pattern making me think there's something wrong with me.  

That's why I am here for you:
because no human and no woman deserve to be alone in moments like this.
I believe we were all made for greatness.


Having self-conflicting parts "sabotaging" our outcomes is something many women struggle with. Until they figure out what holds them back and what about their mind wiring makes them experience internal conflict resulting in outward limitations. 

Internal conflicts can look like

► You know what you want, yet you procrastinate taking significant action (then feel guilty for not taking action)

► You talk yourself out from anything significant to you, feeling insecure and too little to achieve things 

► You always feel like you need more skills, degrees, and training under your belt before you can pursue an idea or dream

► You fear other peoples' opinions, and in order to avoid that you do things to please others instead of making yourself proud

► Your inner chatter is predominantly negative, making you feel little and powerless

► You convince yourself out of the things you deserve, feeling conflicted whether you want or don't want something
► You find it difficult to say "no", resulting in a lack of boundaries that create more resentment and dissatisfaction


In a world where our past can not only limit our responses but also block our ability to move forward, we often need help.


Eliminating internal conflict IS POSSIBLE!

And with it, you can witness the waterfall effect in all areas of your life. 

► You have clear boundaries and total confidence is speaking your "no". 

► You no longer feel scared to be seen for the real you and embrace your authenticity 

► You show up more confident in your work and business, and you go after what you really want

► You get rid of procrastination and finally commit to your dreams

► You stop doubting and overthinking and build a healthy self-esteem

► You finally align with your true core self and learn how to trust yourself


A perfect blend of sciences with a drop of spirituality to assure you heal, transform and triumph.   

Finding answers

Figuring out the next move has very little to do with having clarity about your future, and more to do with knowing yourself. 

In my work, I help women get to the core of who they are and what makes them up. We define a clear picture of their current reality, what has led them into their current emotional, physical, and psychological state, and only then- where they want to go. 

It's about knowing why you think the way you think and why you react the way you do, to then work on new patterns.  

As a result, women build an understanding of who they are at their core, without others' expectations, without the past hurtful experiences that are still dictating their choices, and start healing and changing their lives from the inside. 


Other brave women did it, and so can you!

Key aspects I focus on in my work:

Your current model of the world and the meanings you have constructed in the key areas of your life (and what are these meanings rooted in). 

Past unresolved emotional distress that is still manifesting into your life through unhealthy behaviours, suffering and pain-led (fear-led) choices.

Thought looping and thinking patterns: mind-made limitations learnt through experiences and their workings (Imposter Syndrome, self-sabotage, intense negative chatter, black and white thinking, etc.) 

What lights you up: figuring out your core self as a process of elimination of past suffering, limiting beliefs and insecurities; and mapping a new direction that is in alignment with yourself.  


Barbara B.

Lut P.

Client transformations involve:

Building healthy self-esteem and mastering how to manage inner negative chatter

Understanding your mind frame, what makes you up, and your narrative of the world

Shedding away fear and blockages making you feel stuck in any areas of your life

Breaking through old patterns,  learning how to build new habits, and gain the tools to deal with other upcoming challenges

Letting go of past memories with an intense emotional imprint, and liberating yourself from their heaviness 

Letting go of beliefs making you feel little and powerless, whilst creating new ones

Balancing your inner parts and eliminating the resistance creating self-sabotage

Finding peace and fulfillment by connecting with your core authentic self

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