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Life has a way of wearing us down in unexpected ways. 
And when it does, it can make us feel hopeless, stuck, or in a quest to find ourselves and the meaning of it all again.


If you're currently in that place: I've got you!

Hi, I'm Rima

and I unconventionally guide women to navigate the "stuck chapter", overcome their inner conflicts, and strip down to their true essence to be unapologetically themselves. 

Hypnosis & Coaching allow me to support women on a profound level, offering them clarity, eliminating current unhealthy patterns, heal and reintegrate parts of themselves. This way they transform their lives from the inside out allowing them to design a life they truly want and attain inner peace.

Here's the thing... 

We don't come into the world with instruction manuals.
So yes, we get a little lost and ruffled along the way. 

But no situation and pain lasts forever unless we allow it to.

I can either tell you it's possible, or I can guide you to find it out yourself...

If talking alone about what's bothering us was enough, we wouldn't meet here...

I guide women who want to attain inner peace and a greater sense of self-knowing. Women who are looking for bespoke guidance, actionable steps to challenge every bit of them and work on a subconscious level.


And that's exactly what we'll do together!

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Master your design

Heal deep-rooted pain

Create a new self

Understand the way your inner reality makes you operate in the outer world, by understanding your thought processes, behavioural patterns and belief system. 

Knowing the way you're designed is key to finding meaning, inner peace and creating a new life. 

Uncover and heal new and dormant pain creating inner conflict, suffering and self-defeating thoughts. 

Design a new life from a place of self-knowing and self-acceptance. 

Discovering the way these have affected you will not only help you release layers of doubt, sadness and shame, but it will also unlock potential that has been previously inhibited. 

Having discovered what makes you up and the underlying pain that has kept you stuck, you will be able to design a life from a place of hope, rather than fear. And this will manifest in all areas of your life. 


Elisa P.

My sessions with Rima were wonderful. She listened very carefully to all I had to say in the beginning and asked me very good questions.

She was calm and loving throughout the session and I felt supported and understood. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’ve been super focused, inspired, and even excited about tasks I considered dreadful from time to time. Which for me is a lot.


As a result, I feel better and really upbeat. I’m seeing positive changes in the results of my actions already. Looking forward to reaping more benefits!! Do not hesitate to book a session with her. 

Jane G.

My  experience with Rima was inspiring. It has left me with a real understanding of the deep-felt emotions I hadn’t realised I have been carrying throughout my life.


Rima instantly gained my trust with her kind, caring manner. As a consequence, I felt safe in her hands to open up and accept her insightful observations and positive, relevant suggestions. 


After the session, I felt a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt calm, relaxed and all the tension in my shoulders, where I carry my stress, disappeared and I felt content. I now feel able to face the limiting beliefs which have been holding me back, and move forward with confidence and purpose.  


Thank you so much Rima.  I would certainly recommend you and your sessions 100% to others, without hesitation.

Services to meet the speed & needs
of modern women


1:1 Coaching Sessions are perfect for clients who know what areas they want to be working on. Together with the client is established the roadmap to tackling their current challenge, along with practical steps and bespoke guidance. 


1:1 HypnoCoaching Sessions involve a mix of hypnosis and coaching sessions to best assure a transformation on a conscious and subconscious level. The alternating sessions are perfect for tackling underlying limitations and trauma, whilst focusing on building new coping ways in real time.

Group HypnoCoaching

Group HypnoCoaching sessions are offered through my current and upcoming programs focusing on various themes. It allows women to have the support and energy of other women whilst experiencing a profound transformation.


A perfect blend of sciences with a drop of spirituality to assure you heal, transform and triumph.   

Other brave women did it,
and so can you!


The session with Rima was incredible.

She has phenomenal abilities!

And such wonderful empathy towards people!

I had an amazing session, where I discovered so many things about myself! She empowers me most incredibly!


I’m free of anxiety and have regained the confidence I was born with!

I would highly recommend Rima! She’s an outstanding Therapist!




My Session with Rima was great, especially because Rima gave me a sense of confidence and understanding of her work.


She helped me understand my issue on a deep level and I could feel that it instantly triggered my healing.  I enjoyed the way Rima was guiding me through the whole process.

She was very gentle and unintrusive in her approach. Rima was full of compassion and understanding however remaining professional.

I would absolutely recommend her! The session moved me on a deep level and I had many insights which opened a healing process within me.

Resources you can access straight away
"The Big Bang Theory Of How You've Come To Be The Woman That You Are" Masterclass
Crushing Self-Sabotage Hypnosis Audio

This exclusive masterclass is for you to learn where your limiting beliefs come from,  and how to tackle them by understanding and harnessing the power of your mind.  

A powerful hypnosis recording to help you tap into your subconscious and work through your self-sabotaging patterns. 

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