life and mindset coach and hypnotherapist

About me


"A four-letter name with a heart that holds infinite ideas and love for all things human"

Hi, I'm Rima

I am on a mission to meet people that support people. 

And through my own work, I am all about women supporting women. 

I want to celebrate life alongside other full-hearted people that are ready to hold space for others and support others to become their most rimarkable selves. 

I am here to witness and support others heal, expand and understand themselves. In my work, I show up hoping to see every person thrive because I believe everyone deserves to live their best life. 

My story in a little more detail 

"The decision of becoming a HypnoCoach is a rather recent one, yet the fascination for psychology has long been there"

I have decided to become a HypnoCoach because I have always been fascinated with the human mind. My greatest personal revelation has been when I realized that I can think of my thinking, I can observe my thinking...

As a result,  I decided to learn more about the connection between the two and understand how thinking is shaped and what constitutes our thoughts, and thus, our realities. 

Moving across countries for the past 7 years has meant I have been physically and emotionally in a lot of places. And I have learnt first hand what experiencing anxiety, depression, burnout and self-doubt feel like. And if you read the before sentence carefully, you probably noticed how I don't claim the states as my own ("have experienced"). 

You might think I am rather picky about words, and you're correct! I also have a degree in communication, where I studied how language shapes the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world around us.   

Back to the beginning...

I grew up in Eastern Europe in a family like any other- doing our best: the best we knew and the best we could. In my family, I have learnt that emotions have words and inherited my first set of values. 


Like any other child at heart, I was a dreamer and a creator in what I was doing. I would carry the sadness of all those hurt and all the little creatures harmed by humans in my heart, and you could often find me crying as a result. I would then be told to toughen up a little, and that's how life was going. 

A little later around my teenage years, I navigated the first period of doubts about my place, worth, appearance, knowledge (and the list goes on).  Putting myself out there in my artistic endeavours has also meant getting exposure and being the target of bullying, which I didn't share with others until later as an adult. 

Worth noting is that I grew up in a society where notions such as mental health and mental hygiene weren't existing (without any exaggeration) and there wasn't awareness or education around the topic. At this point in my life we're talking about a very "tangled" me: in old patterns, unresolved pain and a lack of understanding of my mental space. 

Adulting 1.0: Having access to my inner self, by gaining access to resources 

The real discovery and work started when I left my home country and moved abroad for my studies. 

Books, heartbreak and experiments. And then more books. 

I was on the beach one late evening walking past a mobile book shop when I ended up buying a book about awareness. Soon after that I bought more and more feeding a craving I didn't know I had.


I was my first subject to apply to all my knowledge about "our brains and minds". I observed how my body changed depending on the words I used and I was fascinated about this new TRUE REVELATION. I was observing others as I was mastering the art of listening, and I would also learn to listen to my thoughts more carefully. I also got introduced to the concepts of meditation and therapy.


A few years after, I moved countries again and then once again. 

Adulting 2.0: The Spring Clean

Moving from one country to another and starting over so many times has been a challenging path. These have also been the periods when I started feeling isolation, an abandonment of the self (losing myself) and deep feelings of sadness. What I knew about self-management wasn't enough to get me out of it. 

I knew I had to figure out myself, what was happening to me. I had to learn how to be gentle to myself, how to find myself, how to look at my messy parts and work them out. And so I did... and I still do it! 

So I started cleaning up and showing up for myself and what I wanted. I got into more courses, books and reached out to people to mirror back the blind spots I couldn't see and provide the wisdom I didn't yet reach. I learnt how to be honest about my difficult parts and pushed myself to get trained even further. 

Later on, I had my first hypnotherapy session, where I was left speechless for a few days. Soon after I decided I wanted to get certified and change careers. 

And here I am today!