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Work on the most important relationship:
that with yourself

Do you want to connect with your authentic self, remold who you are, and find inner balance? 

Are you ready to take control of your destiny, put in the inner work, and finally design a life you truly want? 

Dear woman, 

It's no news that we are facing a global crisis, a dark night of the soul where more and more women end up experiencing depression and anxiety and a state of feeling stuck or lost. 

We're living in a fast-paced world with high requirements and a lot of "maintenance" and effort required on our behalf. And whilst every born person is to go through human-like challenges and experiences, we have very little guidance on how to understand ourselves and how to healthily raise ourselves throughout all these human-destined experiences. 

In fact, we are so unaware of how to connect with our true selves that because of this lack of understanding we often become the biggest source of our suffering. 

A key condition of the 21st century is that of becoming prisoners of our minds: not because we want it, but because we haven't been brought up otherwise. We were born with a powerful tool, the mind/ the brain, and yet we haven't received an instruction manual.

And as a result, we never really get to live to our full potential and become the creators of our own lives. We become victims of our so-called "destiny". 

To undo all the unknowing and all the little errors made as part of our upbringing (which are creating pain in our present) it takes conscious and individual effort.

I invite you to an immersive experience where you can dive deeper into yourself to heal, peel off limitations and discover more of who you truly are.


is an intensive 90-day BETA group program designed to help women meet their authentic selves by breaking through mind-made borders and understanding how they've become who they currently are so they can design a new life from a place of self-knowing.

This hybrid program combines the power of hypnotherapy and coaching to achieve deep and long-lasting results, allowing women to get to the bottom of their current inner conflicts, fears & limitations, and transform from within.

The HypnoCoaching sessions will help release any pain of the past and clear out the road ahead in what you can experience and who you can become.

The program is designed to equip you with incredible tools that can help you self-regulate, heal and create long-lasting changes.

Having the support and energy of other women, this is a safe space for you to find answers to any questions about your current struggles and tackle self-defeating mechanisms that are currently in your way of feeling and acting your best

The program is for the woman who wants to start out fresh, awaken to life and finally move the needle and meet herself in a new mental, spiritual and emotional space. It is for the woman who is ready to do the work and understand how she's wired, her patterns, mechanisms, inclinations, and her mental and emotional cycles.

The 90 days will cover:

1x One-to-One Hypnosis Session [est. 2h] working with the inner child and existing inner wounds and limitations

1x Hypnosis Audio on Releasing Inner Resistance/ Inner conflict/


3X Group Live coaching sessions (1h30-2h each)

Group Live Coaching Curriculum: 

Session 1: How the brain and mind works and how to reverse engineer the process to use it to your advantage; meeting your ego;

Session 2: Into the essence: a deep dive into the collective feminine, an audit of your identity and your way of operating in this world (triggers, soothers, patterns, shadow work), an audit of your current beliefs, and inner conflicts.

Session 3: Finding the North Star:

Learning how to listen to your inner voice and establish an inner compass; how to build boundaries and nourish our self-esteem; setting up a life with intention, balance, and a new vision of who we are (and our new truths).

Other topics we will touch on:

  • Living in the present moment

  • Planning for a new future with intention

  • The joy of living in the present

  • Understanding emotions and translating them into new actions

Along with these sessions, you will receive the materials and workbooks for each month with exercises such as:

  • Life self-assessment

  • Mapping out a new direction

  • CBT-inspired exercises helping you get to the root of your patterns, beliefs, and emotions

  • Core values

  • Inner child exercises

  • Shadow work exercises

  • Self-opinion exercises

  • Reality check in prompts


Exclusive BETA Price:


or 3 payments of £140

****This is an exclusive price ONLY for the BETA participants.

What does becoming a BETA participant involve?

Becoming a BETA participant means that you understand and agree that this round of the program is the first time it will be running, which means although it has the above-presented structure, it will also be designed with the help of the participants as the program unfolds.

The exclusively low price is set in exchange for continuous feedback sessions/surveys that will help me tailor the program to be even more structured, clear, and rich in what the participants will guide me is most necessary for their needs.


When you sign up to become a BETA-client you agree to provide continuous feedback, be an active participant throughout the 90 days and that the payment is non-refundable.

The program aims to start on the 1st of September and it will end on November 30th. The schedule for the calls will be established after the available slots will be filled in, as a way to accommodate different time zones.

Total available slots for this round: 16.