An exclusive 3-day confidence reboot programme

to progressively evaluate, eliminate and establish the new model and blueprint for the confident YOU

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If you've tried reading books, listening to podcasts, signing up to endless webinars and training, and you still feel low and uncomfortable about yourself- you are in the right place!

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You are invited to join me in this free 3-day reboot programme if you want to feel good in your own skin and about who you are, if you want to like yourself, trust yourself, trust in your dreams and ACTUALLY go for all the things that make you happy. 

No sales or fluff involved. Just pure training infused with knowledge from my therapy practice and personal journey.

I want to teach you that confidence has nothing to do with your actual worth, and a lot to do with science. 

Be my guest and see how your life, mind and confidence shift in the next months. 

The only difference between now and the future, is the action you decide to take at the moment. 

Instead of focusing on all the "can't"s, let's focus on what you WANT.

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Do the following sound like you? 

1. You struggle saying no out of fear  of disappointing others, and you're also apologizing for most of the things you do


2. You allow others to make mistakes, yet when you do you criticize yourself in the harshest ways


3. You blame yourself for all the things that don't work out and you feel like you need to give more from yourself to make things work. 

4. You don't go after what you truly want because you don't feel like you deserve or are capable of achieving good things. You know what would make you happier, but you don't take the risk because you convince yourself it's okay the way it is (and that this way it's safe and secure)


5. You mostly have critical and negative self-talk, comparing yourself with others and perpetuating it by always finding new examples to prove your negative self-opinion


6. You have a tendency to go along with what others decide and say, because a) you don't really believe you have something valuable to share; b) you don't want to upset people


7. Compliments addressed to you sound untrue, but you trust criticism and take it as the actual truth


8. You are struggling to make yourself a priority, putting others' emotional and physical needs before your own


9. You make poor choices for yourself in relationships, and mostly end up in situations that hurt you deeply in one way or another

If you recognize yourself, this might just be for you

This Reboot is propelled by my personal experience and inspired by the clients coming in for therapy sessions with me. 

Confidence is not something you gain through achievements and time. Merits and external approval will not give you permission to finally feel confident. Confidence doesn't manifest because you do something right and something wrong. Confidence is not a balance for your achievements, your appearance, your status...

High self-esteem isn't attainable only for some people because they're some sort of "special"

Healthy self-esteem starts with what you believe of yourself, your worth; and these truths have heavily been corrupted by the people and experiences in your life. 

This reboot starts with an awareness-raising process giving you the knowledge and science to master your brain and mind, followed by exercises and practices that you can incorporate. And last but not least, a hypnosis introduction and recording will be given out for you to listen to and help you accelerate your confidence growth from your most profound level- the subconscious. 

The themes for the 3 days are:

Demystify     Reframe      Rebuild

-> DAY 1

-> DAY 2: 

-> DAY 3: 

How does your brain and mind function, their principles, and how understanding the two is the core to rebuilding your confidence.
How to make the principles work in your favour. 
Where beliefs are stored, and how to get to the core of them and reshape them


The different types of self-doubt, how to recognise them, manage and break the cycle of self-doubt (understanding the rules of the mind) 

Wiring a new neuro-network for confidence through hypnosis. A short introduction to hypnosis, and how it helps accelerate change; followed by a live hypnosis session to help you accelerate the establishment of new neural pathways.

The live programme has now closed, but you can still watch the live trainings and join the group.  

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