Who do I invite to work with me? 

My services are designed for women who want to commit and are truly ready for change. It requires some dedication from you to show up for your transformation. If you are ready to dedicate some time every day, you will definitely see changes!


My sessions are modeled to fit the fast-paced modern life where time is a luxury and emotional and thought-related problems are treated with deep-care and consideration.

I work with women from all paths of life and I am truly proud of it. I am also working with areas I have personal experience with. So, I am here to help you create change, being fully present and genuinely caring.

I do require you do the same: be raw, honest, and show up for yourself! 

My job is to guide you and hold you whilst you create the space for healing and change. I am there to help re-engineer your core beliefs, habits, values, and emotions so that they will not hold you back from enjoying your life.


Whether your problems are manifesting by feeling scared and stuck, feeling numb and helpless, living with a certain pain, to feeling like there is chaos in your mind that stirs you up and makes your body ache. I understand you and I am here for you. 

  • Change negative thinking into positive thinking

  • Learn about your boundaries, and how to set boundaries

  • Rediscover the person you are

  • Build Momentum

  • Heal from within

  • Build a healthy self-esteem

  • Create new habits

  • Find your drive and discover life's meanings

If it was everything down to strategies and practices

don't you think everyone would've made it already living their dream life? 

Most people tried to be more perseverant, to have the right attitude, adjust a few processes and habits, and change their mindset overall to get what they want. Because that's the go-to advice everyone gives us. 

Yet, why is it that so many people still feel stuck? 


People achieve a place of being stuck when there's dissonance between their inner and outer world. That includes chemical, biological, mental, and emotional processes.  

To truly transform, one needs to rewire new beliefs, release emotional blockages, release internal conflicts, reframe their narrative of the world, and peel off everything they are not before they can enjoy who they are. 


Drive & Purpose

High Performance

Healthy Habits

Coping Skills

Re-coding your thinking

You probably tried many things attempting to move on with your life but it just doesn't happen. It feels like you're bouncing off some invisible wall and you just can't move forward.

The more you try- the more resistance there is.  And you've tried MANY things.

Maybe you are confused, doubtful, overwhelmed, a little numb, and losing hope. 

So did I, many times actually. And I know there are many more times ahead. I have a bouquet of issues I worked through and live through one day at a time. Maybe we can talk about these face to face...

I am no omniscient guru, but I have learned some powerful tools and lessons that, if you allow me, I can share with you to translate this inner noise into something meaningful. 

Equipped with award-winning tools, I work with humanity's most powerful instrument- our mind, to create transformative and long-lasting effects in people's lives. 

My mission is to help others heal, expand and understand their minds. I want to normalize the treatment of emotional pain, normalize discussions around mental health and demystify behaviors, reactions, and emotions. And last but not least, I want to help people thrive, because at my core I believe everyone deserves to enjoy b

Hi, I'm Rima,
and I am helping people gain back the love, peace, drive, and confidence to live the lives they deeply want.

and I work with ambitious women to sift through their inner noise, unlock their potential, drive, and confidence and show up more powerful and peaceful in their lives.

Through Life Design HypnoCoaching, I guide women who want to attain greater fulfillment in their lives by peeling off any limiting beliefs or views, rebuilding their confidence, clarifying goals, eliminating emotional pain, and transforming their negative self-talk. 

All that by using science and the fine instrument that is-
our mind.

Emotion check point:

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Hypnosis Audios


Vision Journal & Goal Setting

Two powerful audios to support you in clearing out self-doubt and healing feelings of not-enoughness. 

A reflective guide to scan out all areas of your life, let go of what's not serving you and plan out your dreams

You know you could achieve so much more, but you feel like you are alone against everything

You struggle to come to peace with things from your past or can't fully make sense of them to be able to move forward

You don't really know what you want, you're just wrapped in a lot of inner noise that you want to cut through

Doubting that you're good enough to get what you want and keep making decisions from a place of self-doubt and insecurity

Feeling as if your spark is missing, feeling a lack of drive and fulfillment

Intense negative self-talk making you even more critical towards yourself and every experience just seems as if it has a dark cloud above it


1:1 Coaching Sessions are perfect for clients who know what areas they want to be working on. Together with the client is established the roadmap to tackling their current challenge, along with practical steps and bespoke guidance. 


1:1 HypnoCoaching Sessions involve a mix of hypnosis and coaching sessions to best assure a transformation on a conscious and subconscious level. The alternating sessions are perfect for tackling underlying limitations and trauma, whilst focusing on building new coping ways in real time.

Group HypnoCoaching

Group HypnoCoaching sessions are offered through my current and upcoming programs focusing on various themes. It allows the participants to have the support and energy of other soul-led humans whilst experiencing a profound transformation.