A single focused session for one root issue

Life and mindset Coach And Hypnotherapist working with women

Some women find there are some patterns repeating in their lives that keep them stuck. When a pattern happened enough times, or a problem persists for months on end, it's no longer a coincidence. 

The HypnoShot is for you if: 

• You need professional support in addressing an issue 
• You want support and guidance to best achieve the desired results 
• You want to gain clarity around your issue and how to stop the cycle
• You are ready to go to the root cause, explore it and let go of existing limitations
• You want to commit to your transformation for good

The neuroplasticity of our brains allows us to get rid of the limiting statement-
"that's just the way I am"
and change ourselves in the ways we want.


What you experience in your HypnoShot Session

The HypnoShot is an immersive experience that allows you to go within and get clear on what is causing distress and holding you back. Together, we'll explore your inner world in a gentle and safe way to assure you start healing from within.




The session starts with a conversation where we discuss more about what creates discomfort in your life. In this stage, I take all the necessary information to assure I can best guide you based on your needs. 


You'll make yourself comfortable, and with my guidance, you will start relaxing and go into hypnosis. Whilst being fully aware, you will tap into your inner world, where your subconscious mind will show the relevant connections to your problem. After which we will do a series of exercises under hypnosis to let go of the problem. 


After coming out of hypnosis, we will have a discussion about the things that came out to the surface. This is also the time where you can address any questions and we'll discuss the next steps for you to follow to support your transformation. 



An intensive 2h 30' session that involves an exploration of your background, going into hypnosis, and eliminating the problem at the root cause

A bespoke hypnosis recording for you to listen to for the upcoming weeks

21 days of unlimited email and message support

A follow-up session scheduled 3 weeks after your session

A hypnosis tracker: A  printable tracker to help you observe the transformation, thoughts, and the number of days you listened to the recording 

Your investment is: 


***Payment Plans Available***

Apply for an initial consultation

Everything starts with an initial consultation. Send me an email and I will get back to you to arrange our first call before we shake hands and proceed with the most important part. 


Are there any patterns or symptoms that you would like to have a closer look at, understand what is causing them, and solve them?