A 4-month journey of 1:1 HypnoCoaching for women who want to step into their power and invite more meaning into their lives

Dear woman, 


I know you can sense there is so much more to your essence that you haven't discovered yet. You want to understand yourself, you want to explore what makes you up, why you think, act and feel the way you do. 

I can see you trying to break through, embody a version of you that you now only have in your mind. I see you wanting to make your life the best it can get as you're fighting all the doubts that overwhelm you now. I recognize the fear you might carry before your big move, the desire to live unfiltered and achieve all the things you deserve by birthright. 

I see you for the potential you have and all the things you desire and fear. And I am here for you.

Metamorphosis is a one-to-one, intensive 4-month HypnoCoaching program navigating the key limitations in your life. It's designed to meet you in your journey and help you gain the clarity, self-acceptance, practical and reflective tools to support you in elevating your current life. 

Its focus is to map out your true self and give you a self-understanding that will help you live your life from a space of Self-knowing, self-worth, self-acceptance. 

The program covers

Month 1

► Mapping out your life: Self-assessment of all areas + mental health audit

► Creating the map of change

► Inner child Hypnosis Session | Releasing past hurt

Month 2

► Identifying triggers and soothers; Reviewing thinking patterns, behaviors, emotions

 ► Reflective practices for discovering and knowing your core self
►  Shadow work 

Month 3

► Problem-focused Hypnosis/ Eliminating limiting beliefs

► Building a new identity (working on new habits and patterns)
► Decluttering your life 

Month 4

► Defining Boundaries + Self-expression + Self-Love

► Setting strategies for the future 
► Communicating your essence (mindful communication with the self and others)

Becoming the person you dream of requires you to face your inconvenient truth wholeheartedly, and take actions towards healing.

Let's be honest for a moment...

We only accept the love, the success, the money that we think we deserve. 

We all have a threshold we've built based on how life shaped us. We have blind spots that we aren't aware of and we go through life missing the opportunity to be, achieve and feel so much more.

We think we need to settle for a job, a place, a relationship, or a situation simply because we are afraid to go for more, not because what we have is fulfilling us, but because
we don't believe we can be more

And we're scared to make that first step that could shift things to a different level, because that's not familiar.

I know how that feels, and I am here to support you

self sabotage hypnotherapist and coach

Welcome to Metamorphosis

A life-changing program designed to be your safe space for self-discovery, growth, and liberation. 

This program is an intensive journey into your inner self, kicking your limitations out of your life and morphing into a new version of you. 

It is all about removing your current mental blocks, releasing resistance, defining your new identity, and stepping into self-acceptance. 

Because no matter where we go, it's that which we carry within ourselves that is going to make or break us. And I want you to thrive!


Throughout the 4 months, you will learn about how you have become who you are today, how you formed various coping mechanisms, how you unconsciously soothe, what you have tendencies in choosing (and why), where and how you formed certain limiting blocks, how your mind works and how to be aware of its survival instincts etc.  

Along with the 1:1 sessions, you will be supported with different CBT-inspired exercises, reflective practices, journal prompts, and materials with information in areas you need to work on, to make sure we get to the bottom of your truth and you go through your own metamorphosis.

The program includes: 
2x hypnosis sessions (2h each)
2 bespoke hypnosis recordings
6x coaching sessions (1h each)

A hypnosis tracker: A  printable tracker to help you observe the transformation, thoughts, and the number of days you listened to the recording
Unlimited email/message support throughout the program



► You want to do the groundwork of understanding yourself better and how you show up in your life

► You are constantly overthinking and worrying about things

► You keep repeating the same patterns and getting the same unsatisfactory results

► You feel the need to please others and find it difficult to identify what you want

► You feel like there's something holding you back, but you don't know what these mental blocks are

► You inner chatter is negative and you are very self-critical

► You want to make your dreams come true, but you keep self-sabotaging your own aspirations

► You're constantly doubting you're knowledge, your decisions, your worth

Your investment is: 


***Payment Plans Available***

life design hypnocoach for women

Feeling hesitant about investing in a program? 

Oh, I know that feeling! 

For years I was hesitant about investing in someone to observe me, coach me, witness me because truth be told, I was scared to admit I needed help, and more so, to have someone see me for my raw self.  


When I pick my therapists and coaches, I do a thorough reading on their methods, what they offer, the areas they cover etc. I honestly know how conflicting can be to take a leap of faith and just enroll yourself in a program. It's about admitting that "there's something I need to deal with, and it isn't a sweet thing". 

In my mind, I always had the narrative of "you can figure it out by yourself". And whilst I do agree that people need to live to learn and experience, in my case,  I decided to look for support instead of spending more time feeling stuck and conflicted.


So if you have some questions, just send me an email and I will happily get back to you.