HypnoCoaching: life coaching the conscious and subconscious

Sometimes in life, we feel as if we’re fighting ourselves. An inner battle where we understand certain habits and patterns aren’t useful, yet we keep going around in circles. You probably became a freebie hunter joining training after training, but nothing seemed to “fix” what’s making you unsettled. In fact, it makes you feel even more hopeless and strengthens the dissatisfaction. So how do you feel about trying something (probably) completely new? A way of remodeling your mind at all levels?

HypnoCoaching is a power modality combining Hypnotherapy and Coaching. It allows for intensive work to happen both on a conscious and subconscious level, assuring a remodeling of the self-targeting of the brain and mind as a whole.

Hypnotherapy allows for us to go past the conscious mind, the talking and thinking mind, and when that happens we can identify the root of many of our problems, our fears, limiting beliefs, locked pains and emotions, unhelpful habits, and many more. It’s especially useful because it deals with past hardships and negative associations, by releasing the meanings associated with those and creating new ones.

Coaching helps support the subconscious work by involving the conscious mind in actions that are focused on the desired outcomes. Its role is to take the findings from the hypnosis sessions and create an action plan moving forward. It centers the attention on present changes to generate future results. The emphasis is to guide the client to a better way of moving forward.

HypnoCoaching is coaching both the conscious and the subconscious to work in your favour and not the other way around.

This fusion of fields and modalities can take you on a deep journey of self-discovery and transformative results. It helps you eliminate what keeps you stuck, and unlock parts of you that were long dormant.

It can help you with:

- improving your performance in all areas of your life

- improving relationships

- finding peace within yourself

- career changes

- negative self-talk

- rebuilding self-esteem

- discovering and reconnecting with yourself

- money mindset blocks

- diet changes

and many more...

Because they target conscious and unconscious processes, they help you achieve greater results and regain your peace, drive, and confidence. HypnoCoaching is a great way of gaining clarity, understanding why you feel what you feel and what causes pain, detangling beliefs that make you live in anxiety and fear.

This modality is a great way of both mappings what about your past holds you back and mapping how you want your future to look like. It is more cost-effective than just an individual type of therapy, it’s flexible as it allows you to do it from anywhere in the world and still get its full benefits.

HypnoCoaching does require you to be present and show up for what you want because as with anything in life, results take a level of commitment.

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