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The place where we set the intentions & get you to your dream destination

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A magical experience to release current subconscious blocks, set the intentions for a new year, and open ourselves to abundance
Dear woman, this is my invitation to you to join me on the Visionary Express, a free HypnoWorkshop designed to have you enjoy a magical experience where you reset, realign and recharge for a new incredible year.
I want you to fill yourself with heart-warming energy, spark up those dreams in you and glow up in ways you haven't thought possible before. 
During the online workshop, you'll experience the powerful blend between hypnosis and coaching, which will support you in: 
- Reflecting on your past year and the shifts that happened in your life + reframing painful moments
- Connecting with your inner desires and setting up aligned goals for the upcoming year
- Doing a subconscious cleanse to dissolve underlying resistance and set you up for success 


This experience is perfect for you if you're looking to create clear intentions and bring your dreams into existence!

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All of us can look back and see the incredible journey we had in the last 3-5 years. And many of our achievements have had rather scattered efforts. Yet we achieved them! 

Can you imagine how much more can happen with just a little more clarity and intention? 

Well, that's what I want you to experience: a moment where your mind aligns with your heart and you magnetize your dreams. 

What to expect from
Visionary Express?
Loving Guidance + Exercises
I will guide you through this intention and goal-setting experience to make sure you're scanning various areas of your life and connecting with your core self. You will be able to ask any questions and receive guidance on the go. 
Incredible energy
The video call will be joined by other dreamers just like you,  all eager and ready to design a new reality. Isn't that amazing? 
Powerful subconscious work
The HypnoWorkshop will end with a powerful hypnosis session which will allow you to tap into your subconscious and release any existing blocks keeping you small, and open your mind for abundance.
Are you ready?

Join me for this incredible experience

DATE: 19th of December



You're in! Watch out for my upcoming emails!

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