The steps to working with me


Just a woman supporting other ambitious women to live life without mind-made borders, effectively heal and achieve the transformation they desire.


Are you ready to embark on a new transformative journey?

Here's how I show up in my work:


I help ambitious women progressively find answers to the questions they have in their lives for when they're challenged

I provide them with practical tools and reflective practices to strengthen their coping skills in real-time whilst noticing their transformation happening.


I incorporate integrative methods focusing on unifying your mind, body, and spirit to help you feel aligned and alive.  


I use hypnosis and coaching, a powerful hybrid method that goes past your thinking thoughts directly to your subconscious. It allows us to revisit the layers creating any conflicts, pain, or suffering, release any emotional blockages, and give your mind a new belief system to follow to get you to your desired results.  


I hold the "mirror" for you so we can assess your blindspots, whilst building pathways to positive outcomes by harnessing the power of healthy positive thinking


I help you expand your identity and vision, surpass your current limitations, find new meanings and become your own life architect with a clear direction.

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"A wonderful blend of hypnotherapy infused with coaching and a true love for all things human"

Quotation Marks

The roadmap to working with me


Free Initial 20-minute Consultation


Confirming the type of program


Starting Your Program


My sessions are taking place online

It allows the client to be in the comfort of a space they know, anywhere in the world whilst experiencing the transformation happen.

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One time session

Single Hypnotherapy Session with intense focus on one issue only

For women who want to tackle one issue at the root of it with the help of hypnosis. This can include and is not limited to self-sabotage, confidence, procrastination etc. 

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4 months of 1:1

2x Hypnotherapy and 6x Coaching sessions 

1:1 Hypnotherapy + Coaching to clear out any inner noise, dig deeper into self-knowing, self-acceptance, and moving towards a life you truly want. 

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5 months of 1:1 & Group mentoring

5 x 1:1 sessions (3x Hypnotherapy + 2x Coaching) and 5 Group Mentoring Sessions

Five months of intensive training and 1:1 work to get to the root of the problems that keep you stuck from progressing in your life. This detailed program is designed to cover multiple areas to build a strong foundation in building the self. 

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