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If the life you're waking up to doesn't make you excited to be alive, then it's time for an intervention, Watson!

Please, come in!

Sure, we would all like to magically wave off our negative thoughts, pain, anger, and problems away... But I'm afraid there's no magic pill for that. The transformation happens in the day-to-day!

I wish I could promise you our work will be a smooth ride, with celebration after celebration, but that would be a straight lie...

Our work is deep, is messy, but remarkably beautiful and liberating


When you're ready to... on your relationship with yourself and re-evaluate your identity

...put in the time, work and effort to apply the bespoke exercises and practices that would help you create incredible transformations

...get unconventional guidance that will push you out of your default zone and way of thinking

...let go of old ways of being, old pains, old fears, limitations and expectations

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Your current inner conflicts don't need to change the fabric of the beautiful human you are

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Looking to overcome a problem with laser-focused support and guidance?

1:1 Online Coaching Session

Coaching sessions are incredible for people who need support solving concrete problems, and for those looking for guidance to understand what is causing them emotional discomfort whilst also receiving an actionable plan, they can implement.

A session lasts:

60 minutes


♥ You have a life event coming up that you want to best get organised and need a professional's support to help you structure the steps and be accountable. 

Post-session Action Prescription and notes are sent over

♥ You are planning some life changes and goals and you require professional guidance to building new habits to support your path to a successful outcome. 

♥ You are undergoing some major life changes or challenges and you want to discuss the transition, whilst also having someone mirror back on the things you might want to pay attention to, and areas that need extra care and attention for a smoother transition.  

Minimum of 3x sessions


It's science, not magic...



Metamorphosis: 1:1 HypnoCoaching



**Payment plans available**

Metamorphosis is a 4-month journey of 1:1 HypnoCoaching for women who want to step into their power and invite more meaning into their lives

4-months of 1:1 HypnoCoaching

This program is a one-to-one, intensive 4-month HypnoCoaching journey navigating the key limitations in your life that are currently stopping you from living the life you want. It's designed to meet you in your journey and help you gain the clarity, self-acceptance, practical and reflective tools to support you in elevating your current life. 

Its focus is to get you from stuck to thriving, by mapping out your true self and giving you a self-understanding that will help you live your life from a space of self-knowing, self-worth and self-acceptance. 

Throughout the 4 months, you will learn about how you have become who you are today, how you formed various coping mechanisms, how you unconsciously soothe, what you have tendencies in choosing (and why), where and how you formed certain limiting blocks, how your mind works and how to be aware of its survival instincts etc.  

Along with the 1:1 sessions, you will be supported with different CBT-inspired exercises, reflective practices, journal prompts, and materials with information in areas you need to work on, to make sure we get to the bottom of your truth and you go through your own metamorphosis.


→ 2x Hypnotherapy Sessions (2h each)
→ 2x Bespoke Hypnosis Audio for you to listen

→ 6x Coaching Sessions 

→ Unlimited email/ message support (the hands-on intervention!)


♥ You want to do the groundwork of understanding yourself better and how you show up in your life so you can be more grounded

♥ You are constantly overthinking and worrying about things, creating inner chaos and a constant sense of indecision in your life

♥ Your inner chatter is negative, you self-blame and you are very self-critical, these affecting your self-esteem and your decisions

♥ You feel the need to please others and find it difficult to identify what you want

♥ You are no longer in touch with who you really are and you're looking for meaning in your life

♥ You're constantly hesitating on pursuing things you want, and you somewhat keep self-sabotaging your own aspirations

♥ You're constantly doubting you're knowledge, your decisions, your worth

Life and mindset hypnotherapist and coach

Here's how I show up in my work:


I help ambitious humans progressively find answers to the questions they have in their lives for when they're challenged

I provide them with practical tools and reflective practices to strengthen their coping skills in real-time whilst noticing their transformation happening.


I incorporate integrative methods focusing on unifying your mind, body, and spirit to help you feel aligned and alive.  


I use hypnosis and coaching, a powerful hybrid method that goes past your thinking thoughts directly to your subconscious. It allows us to revisit the layers creating any conflicts, pain, or suffering, release any emotional blockages, and give your mind a new belief system to follow to get you to your desired results.  


I hold the "mirror" for you so we can assess your blindspots, whilst building pathways to positive outcomes by harnessing the power of healthy positive thinking


I help you expand your identity and vision, surpass your current limitations, find new meanings and become your own life architect with a clear direction.

Not sure which service would be best for your needs? 

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